website regulations

I. General provisions

This website (excluding websites reached by links included on this website) is led by PPCom Sp. z o.o based in Katowice, hereinafter ”PPCom Company”.
This website is intended to be used only by people living in Poland and all of the informations about products, services and special offers concern and are valid only in Poland.
Entering this website means accepting binding nature of this legal notice. User who doesn’t agree to abide these provisions is asked to not use this website.

II. Intelectual property rights.

All the intelectual property rights, but especially copyright and trademark rights, for all texts, illustrations, sounds, software and other content included on this website are owned by PPCom Company or are used with their owner’s permission.
The user can print, save and share parts of the website only to provide informations or other permitted, under aplicable laws, purposes.
Without PPCom Company’s written permission the user can’t:
use copies/parts of the website or the tags included for commercial purposes;
change parts of the website or include them in other elaboration (such as written documents, blogs or someone else’s websites).

III. Site content

This website and its content are only for general information about PPCom Company, if not said otherwise, they are not meant to conclude, amend or terminate any legal relations.
We gathered the website’s content with the highest level of accuracy.
Because of the informative character of this website, users whose purpose is other than getting information about PPCom Company and its products are asked to contact us and confirm informations with PPCom Company’s representatives.

IV. Responsibility

PPCom Company is responsible for possible damage caused by using this website by rules included in applicable law.

V. Links included on this website.

This website may contain links (e.g. banners, hyperlinks, buttons) for other websites, which relate to spects of this site. However, this does not mean that PPCom Company has connections with those websites or their owners.

VI. Shared informations.

Sharing informations or materials(informatve, advertised) for PPCom Company means agreeing for free usage of those informations by our company, as we find fit, and is a confirmation that use of this informations are not a violation of other people’s rights.
In some justified cases PPCom Company can remove all or parts of the content from others, without notification.

VII. Data protection

This website does not automatically collect informations, including cookies.

VIII. Contact sheet

Contact sheet used on this website is only informative. We do not accept any disposition connected with PPCom Company’s products owned by user, just a dispositions connected with products. Using contact sheet is voluntary. The user can choose other form of contact with PPCom Company (e-mail from user’s mail account, phone, correspondance or coming to Customer Service Office.
Giving personal informaions, other that e-mail address, while using contact sheet, is voluntary and every person can have access to their data and can change them.
Using contact sheet means agreeing to PPCom Company’s workers to contact users with answers about PPCom Company’s offer, in a manner compatible with the provisions of the Data Protection information.

Legal basis: the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection Personal Data. (consolidated text: Dz.U. [Journal of Law] from 2002, No 101, item 926, as amended. Contact sheet is not supposed to be used to send PPCom Company’s workers informations not conneced to company’s offer. Every advertisment or
junk mail will be deleted. Cases of breaking law will be reported.

IX. Contact

With questions or complains about this website please contact:
PPCom Sp. z o.o.
ul. Ligocka 66 lok. III
40-569 Katowice
KRS: 0000431626
email: [email protected]

X. Other provisions

PPCom Company reserves rights to make changes and modyfing legal note in the future. PPCom Company will inform about changes with 7 days notice on their site.
This legal note and using this website by customers is under polish laws.


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